About us

Close up of Help sign and buildingHelp Counselling is a registered charity (no. 1140721), providing compassionate, skilled, and affordable individual counselling for adults over the age of 18. We aim to support those who might not otherwise be able to access such support: 44% of our clients have an annual income of less than £10,000. Up to 200 sessions per week are offered to our London community.

We work with clients on a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, abuse, addictions, relationships, domestic violence and bereavement. 1 in 4 adults experience mental health problems (Mental Health Foundation, 2012) and this in turn affects family life, relationships, and life in the workplace.

Counselling at Help gives people the support they need to transform life crises and challenges into opportunities for personal development and creative change.

Find out what our clients have to say about counselling at Help.

Our clients

The majority of our clients are from the tri-borough: Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster

32% are from other London boroughs
38% are referred by family and friends
27% are referred by local NHS or voluntary sector services
33% are from the black, minority and ethnic communities
26% are unemployed
27% are male
11% are  18-24 years of age
63% are  25-44 years of age
25% are 45+ years of age
44% have an income of less than £10,000 per year

Our counsellors

Our counsellors volunteer their time at Help for free. The majority are in the final years of a 5-year training in integrative counselling and psychotherapy, and are supervised according to BACP/UKCP guidelines.

We are fortunate to have over 50 counsellors volunteering at Help. They come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their own unique skills and life experience to their work.

Find out more about our counsellors’ experiences of a placement at Help.

Our staff

Clinical Director: Thelma Mathews

E: [email protected]

M: 07767 114155

Philanthropy Manager: Samantha Evans

E: [email protected]

M: 07483 162339

Administrator: Marie Hourihan

E: [email protected]

Bookkeeper: Catarina Malta

E: [email protected]

Our trustees

We are privileged to have an incredibly committed and hard-working Board of Trustees, all of whom come from different backgrounds and provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise that benefit the charity.

Chair Katie Dias

Emma Baker
Fred Konings
Moira Maguire
Mohammed Mansour
Love Oyeniran