Gifts in kind and pro bono support

From furniture to professional services, donations don’t have to take the form of cash. Gifts in kind and pro bono support help us to be there for more people who need counselling.

Gifts in kind

Boxes of tissues, lamps and pictures are just a few of the items that we can use in our centre. These can help enormously by contributing to the calm, peaceful environment that we aim to create at Help. We are also grateful for any product donations that could be used as fundraising prizes for our auctions or raffles.

These gifts in kind can save thousands of pounds for Help.

Pro bono support

Pro bono work from experienced professionals in areas such as fundraising, public relations, human resources, legal services and accountancy can help us to grow and develop Help. Your time and expertise could free up resources so that a greater proportion of funds can be used to support our clients.

Please call the Help office on 020 7221 9974 if you are interested in providing pro bono support.