Volunteer placements

placement counsellor in roomHelp provides a supportive atmosphere for your experience as a trainee therapist in a volunteer placement. Our service is based on an integrative approach to counselling which includes the transpersonal.

We have up to 60 counsellors at Help. Each counsellor sees 2 to 6 clients a week in scheduled blocks: morning, afternoon or evening. The office staff deal with scheduling issues and we do our best to ensure you have clients scheduled for each week on a regular basis.

Our counsellors make a place like Help possible and we highly value their contribution to the service.

Find out what our counsellors have to say about their time at Help.

Note: Help is not able to accommodate the recording of sessions for training purposes.

To be considered for a placement at Help, counsellors must demonstrate the following key requirements, experience, qualities and skills:


  • Be enrolled on a UKCP and/or BACP approved postgraduate level counselling training.
  • Be working towards, or hold, UKCP and/or BACP accreditation.
  • At least 75–100 hours 1-to-1 supervised counselling experience or comparable client experience gained through work/life.
  • DBS disclosure or willingness to pay for and obtain one.
  • Proof of individual professional indemnity insurance coverage.
  • Be in ongoing psychotherapy with a qualified therapist throughout the duration of your placement.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work within the procedures and policies of the organisation as set out in the Counsellors’ Welcome Pack and the placement contract for counsellors in training.
  • Provide two satisfactory references (one of which should be your current supervisor).
  • Adhere to BACP/UKCP guidance for counsellors in training on ethical practice.
  • A mature and client-centred approach to client work.


  • Be in the final years of a UKCP and/or BACP approved postgraduate level counselling training.
  • More than 100 hours 1-to-1 counselling experience.
  • Student membership of BACP/UKCP.

How to apply for a placement at Help

If you are interested in becoming a Help counsellor, follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at our Help placement contract and see if you feel that Help is the right place for you. Help_Placement Contract2017
  2. Review the costs involved in being a Help counsellor below.
  3. Send an email to express your interest, along with a brief CV listing your counselling and other professional experience. Please state the number of hours of supervised 1-1 counselling you have completed, the course you are studying and the name of your training centre. It is also helpful if you can indicate when you might be available to see clients during the week.
  4. Wait for us to contact you with further steps.

Costs involved (subject to change)

Induction fee: £50

Group supervision ongoing: Currently £80 per quarter (1-1 supervision variable rates).

Private professional liability coverage: Variable rates

If you are absent for more than 6 weeks of sessions in a year outside of Help closure time (1 week summer, 2 weeks Christmas, bank holidays), you will need to pay a £10 room rental fee per session missed.