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Thursday 27th September saw Help Counselling host our first ever event at Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush. It was a night full of heart-warming stories and inspiring conversations. We were able to show our appreciation to those that regularly support us, as well as inform others about our work in the local community.

Drinks and canapes for our guests
Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush
Katie Dias, Help’s Chair of Trustees

The hotel was beautiful and welcoming to all of Help Counselling’s supporters. People were greeted with drinks and canapes beautifully crafted by Dorsett Hotel’s chefs and their team of fantastic helpers.

The evening began with powerful messages from our Chair, Katie Dias. Her welcome speech shared Help’s new vision, mission and values:

VISION: to create a community where adults suffering from a mental health problem can access the support they need to lead an independent, fulfilling life.

1. To provide affordable, individual counselling for those on low incomes in the local community.
2. To tackle the shortage of qualified counsellors in our community; by providing a structured and supportive learning environment for trainees.


Katie also spoke about Help’s history and how 100% of our clients would recommend our services to others. She explained that we need people’s support more now than ever as the demand for our services continues to increase. Katie, as did the rest of our speakers, therefore kindly asked individuals to do three things for Help Counselling:

James Smith – Dorsett Hotel’s Manager
Dexter Dias – guest speaker
Dave Bain – trainee counsellor at Help

One of our trainee counsellors – Dave Bain – then followed. He spoke about his experience as a trainee counsellor on placement at Help Counselling and the type of clients he sees on placement. He explained that:

“People typically come to Help because they are struggling with something in their lives. They may be going through a period of depression and feeling isolated and lonely. In other cases there may be something bubbling under the surface that has been there a long time but is now starting to manifest itself in a real way and they need help addressing it.”

This is where Help’s trainee counsellors make a difference. Dave later explained that as a therapist, he feels supported during his placement at Help. He said the supervision is excellent, which is another unique feature of Help Counselling. To find out more about our placements for trainee counsellors, click here.

Our special guest speaker – Dexter Dias QC – then followed. He is an award-winning international human rights barrister, part-time judge and researcher at Cambridge and Harvard. Dexter is also the bestselling author of “The Ten Types of Human”.

He kindly shared some of his research and learnings from around the world that unpacked the mechanisms driving FGM, human trafficking and child slavery. His powerful talk captivated the audience and allowed people to think “why do humans hurt other humans?” and what can we all do to get justice and help one another.

This led nicely to our final speaker – James Smith – Dorsett’s Hotel Manager – who spoke fondly about the hotel’s Charity of the Year partnership with our small charity and why it is important to support a charity local to you. His passion showed when he shared that he hoped the partnership between Dorsett Hotel and Help Counselling would last for years to come.

Help’s new literature
Our Philanthropy Manager speaking to supporters
Supporters listening to our guest speaker

The event was overall a success and we have so far raised a generous total of £1,955! If you would like to donate and support our work, you still can! Simply click: DONATE NOW

Special thanks to our volunteers on the night that helped ensure the event went as planned, to Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush for their continued support and to our Trustees for their commitment to Help Counselling.

Once again we would like to thank all of our supporters and we hope to see you all for another event soon. If you would like to keep up to date about our work and future events, please sign up to Help Counselling’s newsletter by entering your email address in the newsletter box in the footer of this website. You can also follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our work and how you can support our small charity, please contact our Philanthropy Manager Samantha on 020 7221 9974 or 07483 162339 or email [email protected]

Photography: Amber Haas

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