About placements at Help

Help Counselling offers volunteer counselling placements for trainee counsellors or therapists in London.

Who we place at Help Counselling:
We want to work with trainees who are committed to a professional career in counselling. We are looking for trainees who are empathetic and professional and who want to make a positive difference to people’s lives. You should be working your way towards completing your BACP or UKCP registration. Please see checklist of requirements on the ‘how to apply’ section below.

What we give you:
We will provide you with a supportive, structured and caring environment including fortnightly supervision sessions to support your client work. We have a duty of care to you and will not give you clients that we do not think you are ready for. We do not take on cases that we feel could put you at risk, nor do we take on cases where clients have recently put themselves at risk. The majority of our clients suffer from anxiety and depression though some may have substance abuse issues, or personality disorders.

Our approach:
We encourage an integrative approach so that the care we give meets the needs of our clients. We work with both the personal and social factors that cause human distress. We are not prescriptive but let you explore different methods that you and your supervisor feel will be most beneficial to the client.

Each trainee counsellor will see up to 4 clients a week in scheduled blocks (morning, afternoon or evening). Our office staff will make all of the scheduling arrangements so that you do not have to. We ensure that you have regular clients scheduled on a regular basis so that you develop and progress your training. 

Our therapy:
We currently provide all placements online, as all counselling is online. We aspire to return to face to face as soon as is feasible.

What makes us different:
Unlike many placements we can provide up to 55 sessions for some of our clients with higher needs. This gives you the opportunity to develop the therapeutic relationship through long-term work. This option of long-term working allows you the scope to address long standing and complex issues at a deeper level than is possible in short term work.

Our clients value our work and our their feedback speak for itself: