How we work

Our consultation rooms are in the heart of Notting Hill. We also have a satellite service one morning a week at  The School of Meditation  in Holland Park. Our tranquil surroundings and staff will help make you feel welcomed and supported.

Counselling requires your commitment to tackle your problem. The first step is a phone call where you can tell us a bit about yourself and the issue you are facing. If we decide that we can help you, and you want to work with us, then we will ask you to come in for an initial assessment.

During this assessment we will ask you to commit to a contract of 6 sessions. This number of sessions is the minimum required to be helpful and may be all you feel you need. However, if you and your counsellor decide that more sessions will be beneficial then you can continue up to a total of 55 sessions for those who need it.

Once agreed, your appointment will take place at the same time, on the same day, with the same counsellor, each week. The more flexible you can be in terms of your availability, the quicker we can offer you a session. There tends to be a longer wait for an evening session.

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