How we work

We are based in West London, and with COVID 19 we are currently operating an online service and aim to return to face to face work as soon as is feasible.

Counselling requires your commitment to tackle your problem. The first step is for you to complete the contact form on our home page. We will then book you in for a 60 minute assessment and this when we can tell you more about the service and you can tell us more about yourself and the issue you are facing. Once we have completed the assessment this allows us to confirm whether the service is right for you and to match you to the right counsellor. All our counsellors are in training with accredited training schools, and are provided with ongoing support including weekly clinical supervision from a senior and BACP or UKCP accredited supervisor.

During this assessment we will ask you to commit to a contract of 6 sessions. This number of sessions is the minimum required to be helpful and may be all you feel you need. However, if you and your counsellor decide that more sessions will be beneficial then you can continue up to a total of 55 sessions for those who need it.

Once agreed, your appointment will take place at the same time, on the same day, with the same counsellor, each week. The more flexible people are regarding availability and when they can access counselling, the faster Help can offer you a session. There tends to be a longer wait for an evening session.

Click here to complete our contact form to access counselling from £25 per session