What should I expect from counselling?

One of our trainee counsellors, Dave, kindly shared what it is like working with clients at Help Counselling…

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Why have people typically come to Help?

People come to Help Counselling because they are typically struggling with something in their lives.  They may be going through a period of depression and feeling isolated and lonely.  In other cases there may be something bubbling under the surface that has been there a long time but is now starting to manifest itself in a real way and they need help addressing it.

How do you make someone feel comfortable?

I am a human being first with the same difficulties and vulnerabilities that everyone else has.  People think therapists have the answers but what I want to do is sit down and have a conversation.  It is sometimes difficult meeting someone for the first time so what I want to do is connect as one human to another.

How do you know whether someone is making progress?

I can see a mood shift but in truth, only the client knows if they are making progress.  The reality is that sometimes the process can take a while to take effect.  Being able to express yourself is so important and an integral part of the process.  What I try to do is to make a space for change and be persistent in helping people through what they are facing.

What form does a therapy session usually take?

The way I work may be different to other therapists but I do not start with a set agenda.  I want to understand what their needs are first and then we explore the best way to approach it.  I try to tailor the approach to the client.

When do you know that further therapy would benefit your client?

My clients always seems to know.  Respecting what is important for each person is the key.

When would you recommend a break in therapy or suggest that therapy is no longer necessary?

I would never actively recommend that someone either stop or do more.  It’s about being respectful to a client and their needs and how they are feeling.