What Is The Cost?

Help Fees policy – why we have made changes

Help has a charitable aim to provide professional affordable counselling, and to offer a long term talking therapy service. As a counselling provider we are a member of the BACP.

Help offers a full suite of professional talking therapy services and all our counsellors are trained to work and support clients online and in person. 

Help has the charitable aim to offer talking therapies at a discount of 50%+ to private therapy rates, so that the charity can respond to the critical need to provide affordable and long-term mental health services within the community. This often bridges a critical gap, as many NHS Trusts do not provide such long-term talking therapy services within IAPT services.

However, Help’s ability to continue to provide these services relies on client fees, and this is increasingly important in an environment where grants and private donations are more uncertain especially given the economic impact of COVID 19.

Consequently, Help has amended its fee policy to ensure that it continues the provision of a sustainable and professional talking therapy service within the community.

Help fee policy for new online clients from April 2022

  • We will charge £40 per session for weekly counselling.
  • Clients who are unable to afford this fee, or where household income is £36,000 or less per annum, can request a reduced fee and pay Help’s minimum fee of £25 per session. For the time being it will not be possible to take on new clients at a rate lower than this and those that are unable to pay the £25 minimum should be guided to alternative sources of help such as the NHS.
  • Currently there are no further exemptions or discounts available to the above fee policy.
  • In addition, the standard fee for Initial Assessments is £25. There are no exceptions or discounts available.

Help fee policy for new face-to-face clients from April 2022

  • Where possible we will charge the same rates for face-to-face therapy as we do for online as described above.
  • At some locations, we may need to add on a surcharge of £10 maximum to cover additional expenses incurred.

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